Sunglasses or Shades ?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I have  many pairs of  sunglasses( mine pictured above )thrifted and discount retail . They vary in shape , size, lens darkness. I have heard older generation refer to them as "shades ". So I asked myself  is there a difference in Sunglasses or Shades? I set out to the web for answers or comments on the subject.

Shades have 2 different tints which have faint tint downwards and upwards thick tint called gradient tints (shades). My parents generation uses the word shades.

Sunglasses have minimum amount of light absorption only . My generation and others calls them sunglasses.( never heard the word shades associated with eyewear )!

What about you .
Do you have multiple pairs of sunglasses/shades to fit your mood or outfits ?

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  1. I call them shades (term I use the most) or sunglasses. Could be based on where you're from, or where your parents are from, in truth. I've also heard them called 'specs' (for spectacles), which is usually for eyeglasses.


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