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Friday, July 24, 2015

I love the metallic finish on shoes, purses, etc.
Metallics are my neutral,
Not too glossy, but a good patina , goes with  many things

How to Wear Metallic Colors


Learn How to Make Metallic Colors Work for You

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The newest beauty trend has shimmering metallic colors taking center stage, not in your accessories drawer, but in key pieces of your wardrobe and beauty collections. Fashionistas everywhere are glowing and glittering with shades of silver and gold—and we like it! Incorporate one of this season’s hottest trends into your wardrobe, with these helpful suggestions.

Less is More

There is no shortage of metallic items to be found in any of your favorite clothing stores. The best thing about metallic pieces is that they are so varied, abundant, and fun to wear. The worst thing? It is incredibly easy to overdo it, and end up looking more tacky than fashionable.

To prevent yourself from getting a Tin Man look, keep metallic wardrobe pieces simple and understated. Pick one metallic piece to wear—a pair of tights, a top, heels, etc.—and keep the rest of your outfit simple and complementary. Notice that Alyssa Milano paired her sparkling, sequined top with fitted black slacks. Likewise, Paris Hilton let her silver mini dress take center stage, wearing it with a pair of basic black pumps. The key here is balancing your metallic piece with the rest of your outfit, adding an edgy vibe to your look.

Blinging Beauty

Complement your trendy look with metallic shades in your makeup. Gold and silver are both wearable, and frequently used in smoky eye applications. A fun twist is to use metallic-inspired shades of purple, green, orange, or even black. With the right amount of light reflecting sparkle, any shade can look metallic.

You don’t have to match metallic makeup to a gold, bronze, or silver outfit. A swipe of metallic eye shadow or lipstick can give a boost to your everyday look. Just be sure to give the face dimension and depth with balanced colors. Katy Perry, a huge fan of metallic shadows, struck just the right note with her sparkling purple lids, keeping the rest of her face fairly simple.

Have you gone metal with your wardrobe yet?


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