Common Thrifting Dilemmas

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Common Thrifting Dilemmas

1. You find an awesome piece,  you can’t wear it!  What do you do?
**Solution * I buy it for someone whom I know can wear it (family, friend, or coworker).
2. You find an awesome piece, but it is too long or too big. What do you do?
* Solution**Find you an awesome alteration lady* A lot of dry cleaners have one on staff.

You have too much thrif inventory. Here are options to help clear it out.
Sign up  the new popular thing is to sell your items on sites like,POSHMark, Etsy and ThredsUP
*Instagram has the new Spreesy App. let's you sell on Instagram.
Yard Sale- raise family funds
Consign- Sell great pieces to make you some shopping funds
Donate to a good cause organization


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