Savvy Shopping at to Dirt Cheap Closeout Store

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

There  is thrifted and the next best thing which is a  DIRT CHEAP deal.  That's what I found at this store inGrove Hill Alabama a few weeks ago.  Dirt Cheap is the largest buyer of insurance claims in the United States, they sell other distressed situations such as manufacturer and retailer buybacks, closeouts, bankruptcies, overstocks, liquidations, customer returns and out of season goods.  I have only the stores located in Alabama.
 I found  sale prices as much as 80% off  various items . They have everything  from food to furniture. All items are at least 40 % off. I purchased a pair of  new Foster Grant aviator sunglasses for $1.99 , and unopened name brand make up items for .89 cents . Those are just a few of my finds at Dirt Cheap. I never fail to stop by one or more of the Southern Alabama locations when I visit family in South Alabama.

 If you are passing through Alabama you may want to search for a location nearby and go check them out. The have stores in Alabama  , Florida Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas !

Have you heard of or shopped at Dirt Cheap ?

CIVVIES -A Store I Visited in Savannah

Monday, July 27, 2015

I was recently in Savannah Ga. , So I decided to research places to shop.
I found the Goodwill on Broughton St.  Then I found  out there was a cool vintage shop  located nearby.  I set off to find  CIVVIES New & Recycled Clothes • located at 22 E. Broughton St • Savannah Ga 31404 .

Our hours of operation are as follows:

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm

Sunday: 12pm – 6pm

They had interesting mix of new and vintage items. Downstairs was an antique store with stairs that lead up to a nice selection of vintage items, from jewelry, hats, shoes and accessories some of the which brought back memories other pieces gave me some style inspiration !  If you are a vintage lover  this place might be worth stopping into next time you're in Savannah Ga.

Do you wear vintage ? What is your best vintage find ?

Mighty Metallics - Style Tips from TAAZ

Friday, July 24, 2015

I love the metallic finish on shoes, purses, etc.
Metallics are my neutral,
Not too glossy, but a good patina , goes with  many things

How to Wear Metallic Colors


Learn How to Make Metallic Colors Work for You

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The newest beauty trend has shimmering metallic colors taking center stage, not in your accessories drawer, but in key pieces of your wardrobe and beauty collections. Fashionistas everywhere are glowing and glittering with shades of silver and gold—and we like it! Incorporate one of this season’s hottest trends into your wardrobe, with these helpful suggestions.

Less is More

There is no shortage of metallic items to be found in any of your favorite clothing stores. The best thing about metallic pieces is that they are so varied, abundant, and fun to wear. The worst thing? It is incredibly easy to overdo it, and end up looking more tacky than fashionable.

To prevent yourself from getting a Tin Man look, keep metallic wardrobe pieces simple and understated. Pick one metallic piece to wear—a pair of tights, a top, heels, etc.—and keep the rest of your outfit simple and complementary. Notice that Alyssa Milano paired her sparkling, sequined top with fitted black slacks. Likewise, Paris Hilton let her silver mini dress take center stage, wearing it with a pair of basic black pumps. The key here is balancing your metallic piece with the rest of your outfit, adding an edgy vibe to your look.

Blinging Beauty

Complement your trendy look with metallic shades in your makeup. Gold and silver are both wearable, and frequently used in smoky eye applications. A fun twist is to use metallic-inspired shades of purple, green, orange, or even black. With the right amount of light reflecting sparkle, any shade can look metallic.

You don’t have to match metallic makeup to a gold, bronze, or silver outfit. A swipe of metallic eye shadow or lipstick can give a boost to your everyday look. Just be sure to give the face dimension and depth with balanced colors. Katy Perry, a huge fan of metallic shadows, struck just the right note with her sparkling purple lids, keeping the rest of her face fairly simple.

Have you gone metal with your wardrobe yet?

Clamoring for My Clutches- Style Inspiration From Ebay

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I have a big clutch and handbag selection.These pictured are from my collection( thrifted and retail).
The right accessories can make or break someone's outfit. From hats to shoes, it is important to strike the right balance with accessorizing; otherwise an outfit might simply turn out all wrong. One accessory in particular is important on both a function level and a fashion level: the clutch purse. A standard clutch purse holds some basic necessary items, including a driver's license, credit cards, cash, and perhaps a cellphone. Women typically hold their clutch purses in their hands, but several styles come with a strap that wearers can remove when not in use, allowing the wearer to sling the purse over a shoulder or slip it onto a wrist. Several factors are important when selecting the right clutch purse, including size, color, versatility, material, structure, and cost.

1. Select the Right Size for Your Body Type
While clutches are by nature smaller purses, they still come in different shapes and sizes, and it is important for accessories to look proportionate to the person wearing them.
2. Select the Right Size for Your Stuff
Aside from looking right with a particular body type, a clutch should also look good holding everything that it needs to hold inside of it. A slim profile to discourage carrying around too many unnecessary items.
3. Pick an Appropriate Color
The color a woman chooses often relates to the outfit she intends to wear with the clutch and whether she plans to use it often or for one occasion in particular. Some women prefer to carry a clutch around instead of a regular purse or tote during the day, meaning a neutral color might be more appropriate in order to match the clutch to a wide range of outfits. A simple black clutch tends to go with everything.
4. Choose a Versatile Clutch
In order to get the best value for your money, you should select a clutch you can wear with several different styles.
5. Pick a Quality Material
A well-constructed clutch lasts much longer than a flimsy one, and ends up saving money in the long run. If the bag is for work and play, then a well-made leather clutch is not only versatile, it is durable and can withstand day-to-day use
6. Consider a Clutch with a Strap
A clutch tends to be a type of purse without handles or a strap, requiring users to hold it in their hands at all times. Unfortunately, this setup can become inconvenient, particularly in locations where it is not practical to set the clutch down. Now, designers make more and more clutches with straps and handles that wearers can remove when they do not want to use them, or slip on when they need them.
7. Pick a Clutch with Some Pockets
While clutches notoriously do not hold a lot, if you opt for a larger one, make sure it has a few pockets to organize your belongings. One popular option is a clutch with a cell phone pocket to provide some extra room beyond just enough space for a driver's license and lipstick
Clutch Purse Features
Shopping for a clutch can sometimes become confusing; the table below highlights several popular clutch features and their advantages and considerations for quick and easy reference.
Clutch Features
Important Points
Should fit the woman's body type and hold everything the she wants to carry
Neutral tones suit a variety of outfits
Bolder colors pop and dress up an outfit
Simple clutches in muted hues work for both daytime and evening Dressy clutches work well for special outfits
Leather and crocodile-style clutches are sturdy and good for day-to-day wear
Delicate fabrics work for evening clutches
Detachable straps and handles make clutches more convenient while still being fashionable
Larger clutches with pockets help organize the wearer's belongings for added convenience
Shoppers can use this table while looking for a clutch to provide an easy way to decide on what features they want to focus on in making their decision.

Sunglasses or Shades ?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I have  many pairs of  sunglasses( mine pictured above )thrifted and discount retail . They vary in shape , size, lens darkness. I have heard older generation refer to them as "shades ". So I asked myself  is there a difference in Sunglasses or Shades? I set out to the web for answers or comments on the subject.

Shades have 2 different tints which have faint tint downwards and upwards thick tint called gradient tints (shades). My parents generation uses the word shades.

Sunglasses have minimum amount of light absorption only . My generation and others calls them sunglasses.( never heard the word shades associated with eyewear )!

What about you .
Do you have multiple pairs of sunglasses/shades to fit your mood or outfits ?

My Group THRIFT Shopping Adventure

In July 2016 I drove up to Atlanta to do the Thrifting Atlanta Bus Tour. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at the group dynamic. The group was like a big family of sisters out on a Saturday shopping trip. I enjoyed having other women to ask and opinion when I wasn't sure about how an item REALLY looked on me. We traveled from store to store there no was pushing each other around to get the the to deals.The store owners along the tour were so friendly and welcoming. It was  an added value that each store offered a discount of the day to our group. I must say I would definitely do this again. I hope to get a group together in my area and do the same thing soon.

Have you ever gone on a bus shopping trip? How did you like it ?

Make the Most of Excess Thrift Items

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Once you have gotten too any thrifted items and want to know what to do with them.
There are several options:

Give them to a organization( such as Salvation Army,  Tags of Hope, Macon Rescue Mission,  ABBA House, Hospice Care Thrift and so on. Just find an organization that helps people who need it most and donate your items to them.  The donation helps increase their inventory, they can sell the items to generate proceeds to benefit the causes they serve.

You could gather up your items and have a yard sale.

Or the new popular thing is to sell your items on sites like
*Instagram is the new thing, the new Spreesy app. let's you sell on Instagram.

What do you do with excess thrift find or items that you have decided you don't need anymore?

Armed and Ready to Thrift Shop

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I am a thrifter who also suffers from a mild case of  germ-phobia!.
I don't leave home without my arsenal of products to keep my hands sanitized. My favorite is SANI- HANDS  and SANI-MIST . There are other products  that I have seen others using and some even wearing gloves.Wearing gloves maybe not practical, but I have seen some thrifters wearing them I notice at every thrift store I visit. I see the workers wearing  gloves or some sort!  If they feel the need to have a barrier between their hands and thrift items , surely I must  need to do the same.

What do you do to keep clean and safe while sifting and sorting through thrift items ?

Common Thrifting Dilemmas

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Common Thrifting Dilemmas

1. You find an awesome piece,  you can’t wear it!  What do you do?
**Solution * I buy it for someone whom I know can wear it (family, friend, or coworker).
2. You find an awesome piece, but it is too long or too big. What do you do?
* Solution**Find you an awesome alteration lady* A lot of dry cleaners have one on staff.

You have too much thrif inventory. Here are options to help clear it out.
Sign up  the new popular thing is to sell your items on sites like,POSHMark, Etsy and ThredsUP
*Instagram has the new Spreesy App. let's you sell on Instagram.
Yard Sale- raise family funds
Consign- Sell great pieces to make you some shopping funds
Donate to a good cause organization

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