I Did Vintage My Way

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I like vintage or any jewelry.
Last weekend I was in Hobby Lobby shopping project supplies when I noticed this beauty , it is a nice vintage inspired
bracelet for jewelry making. The only then in needed was for me to select a closure. I figured I could do that , though I am not normally drawn to crafty projects such as this.However, in this Sunday's paper I saw it on sale for 50 % off. It normally retails for $9.99 . I figured I would go for it. You can see it looks like a nice vintage bracelet for a total cost of about $7.00 ( bracelet body was $4.99 an the 50% off sale price and closures were $1.00  sale price ) . The total shown is $8.99 due to my sweet tooth purchase of candy.

Have you ever created your own stylish jewelry piece from other pieces ?


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