Set a Thrifting Budget

Friday, June 5, 2015

Set a Thrifting Budget

If you are an avid thrifter you already know how easily thrifting can get out of hand.  Set yourself a good thrifting budget weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

The purpose of thrifting is to save money. Thrifting can also be addictive, so set yourself a budget to help you track your spending .One great way to set a budget is to only shop with cash , since it's much easier to lose control of your spending when use your credit or debit card. Secondly, you should limit your frequency or number of thrift shopping trips, the less you shop the less you spend.Shop only once or twice a month or shop every other month, instead of every week!
You could even have a savings account  just for your thrift shopping! Have funds direct deposited to a special saving(thrift bank account )!

How do you set and manage your thifting budget? 

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  1. I set my budget at $50 per month. That way I buy things I really love.


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