How Do You Know if Your Thrifted Handbag is Authentic or Not?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

These days  it seems like designer handbags are popping up in your local thrift stores. However the stores are not obligated to authenticate any handbags. If you are in search on a designer bag and happen into your local store, and see a nice looking handbags  , would you know what to look for to
let you know if it's a knock off or the real thing?

I have seen many such handbags , some are priced way above other handbag prices even though they are “FAKE “.  An unsuspecting thrifter will unwittingly pay those prices thinking they have gotten a real bargain. When what they have purchased is really an overpriced “knock off” handbag. 

To educate yourself check out these links I’ve found on how to spot an authentic handbag,


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