Vintage or Retro ? How do you Know ?

Monday, June 29, 2015

In the days where there is so much interest in thrifting and resale shopping there has also been an increase in shoppers seeking vintage items. However, it is easy to get caught  up and misled about whether an item is truly vintage. Retro is actually more common and more likely to be seen in thrift and resale shops.

If you are a vintage lover you might be interested in this article.


Retro vsVintage
“Retro” and “vintage” are two descriptive labels for styles and clothing. In addition, these two words can be applied to other designed objects. In terms of clothing and fashion, a “vintage” item is a piece of clothing that is made during the period of the 1920’s to 1980’s.
Vintage clothing echoes the style that was popular during that extensive period. The word can refer to the pattern, style, and age of the said object or clothing. Vintage clothing or objects use old patterns and old materials. Clothing is considered vintage if the style and material used are 20 – 75 years old compared to the current fashion trends. However, even some people continue to wear vintage clothing as an expression of fashion as a way to recycle clothes and save money.
Vintage is closely related to antiques where an object has to be 100 years or older to be considered as such. Vintage clothing is usually formal or classy clothing. Some of the vintage styles or designs have evolved through time and the clothing necessities of the people.
Most vintage clothing includes dresses and have some key features that make them stand out from other trends. Vintage clothing styles are full of details like lapels, appliques, or designs. They also have very modest or full cuts and lengths compared to modern clothing. Vintage clothes also have smaller proportions. The construction of vintage clothes is also different from other clothes.
Vintage clothing is regarded as original and authentic in terms of inspiration and design.
“Vintage” is a word that was first used in reference to a wine’s age. In addition, the word is also used to refer to secondhand clothing. The word is Middle English which is probably derived from Anglo-French “vendage” or “vendenge,” from Latin “vindemia.” It was first used in the 15th century. “Vintage,” as a term can function as a noun and an adjective.
One common term associated with vintage is retro. Retro is a type of style or design that refers to previous fashion trends, particularly the vintage style. It is also known as “vintage inspired” or “vintage look.” “Retro” is different from “vintage” with respect to appearances and material. Retro clothing has an updated and more polished look. It means that retro clothes are made with an old style or design but with new or contemporary materials.
Retro is mostly borrowed, reproduced or imitated designs.

This embodies the spirit of retro, a shortened word of “retrospective” or “retrospection.” The word’s origin is from the Latin word “retrospectus” which means “backwards.” In terms of age, retro clothing is newer. The word is also used as a term to describe 1960-1970 street clothing.

Now that you have been enlightened with this info. Are you more of a retro or vintage fashion lover?

My Purses Wear Scarves

Friday, June 26, 2015

I have a lot of scarves , all colors , all prints and all sizes. I also love purses .
I like to tie one of my small scarves around the handle of  a purse to add some flare or just to help an outfit come together. I am able to increase my purse inventory,because I thrift most of the ones I own.

What do  you do to mix items to create your own style inspiration?

I Did Vintage My Way

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I like vintage or any jewelry.
Last weekend I was in Hobby Lobby shopping project supplies when I noticed this beauty , it is a nice vintage inspired
bracelet for jewelry making. The only then in needed was for me to select a closure. I figured I could do that , though I am not normally drawn to crafty projects such as this.However, in this Sunday's paper I saw it on sale for 50 % off. It normally retails for $9.99 . I figured I would go for it. You can see it looks like a nice vintage bracelet for a total cost of about $7.00 ( bracelet body was $4.99 an the 50% off sale price and closures were $1.00  sale price ) . The total shown is $8.99 due to my sweet tooth purchase of candy.

Have you ever created your own stylish jewelry piece from other pieces ?

Accentuate with Accessories

Monday, June 22, 2015

The only way to complete a dressy or casual outfit is to add accessories.
I love my accessories. I have plenty of necklaces, bracelets , and rings of all  sizes and styles. Pictured here are pieces I bought at a private consignment sale a few years ago. Go big or go home was my motto that day , so I  left with these black beauties! I will share more of my accessories  this week and beyond.
thrifted silver metallic blouse

What about you do you like" big and bold "or "small and unassuming accessories" ?

How Do You Know if Your Thrifted Handbag is Authentic or Not?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

These days  it seems like designer handbags are popping up in your local thrift stores. However the stores are not obligated to authenticate any handbags. If you are in search on a designer bag and happen into your local store, and see a nice looking handbags  , would you know what to look for to
let you know if it's a knock off or the real thing?

I have seen many such handbags , some are priced way above other handbag prices even though they are “FAKE “.  An unsuspecting thrifter will unwittingly pay those prices thinking they have gotten a real bargain. When what they have purchased is really an overpriced “knock off” handbag. 

To educate yourself check out these links I’ve found on how to spot an authentic handbag,

Personalize Your Thrift Finds with Monogram/Embroidery

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Be creative with your thrift finds.
Why not personalize some items!

Get your favorite embroidery shop to monogram or embroider your initials or other logos on thrifted tote bag or clothing item.Heck you can event personalize cute cups and other stuff. There are lots of vinyl monogramming vendors willing to put your initial on just about anything.

Do you personalize your thrift finds?  If so, what have you had personalized?
I have a small collection of items that I thrifted and personalized .

Tips For Cleaning Your Thrifted Finds

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Cleaning Your Thrifted Finds
You should never assume thrifted clothing items  are clean and ready to wear. You are purchasing  items  that going to come in contact with your skin. Your first measure if to wash then in a  good detergent in hot water and dry with a good warm dryer heat setting.
Specialty Fabrics – may need dry cleaning or you can use Dryel at home dry cleaning sheets to freshen them,
Put leather purses in a pillow case and wash them.
 Shoes-Lysol spray them in and out or 

Wipe the insides of shoes with Clorox wipes.

Wipe the outside and inside of purses, clutches and wallets with Clorox wipes as well.

Clothes- Tide with Oxi, Fabuloso , Oxi-clean or  a new Walmart exclusive product called Persil*, is a super cleaner with a great scent.
 Accessories I use cleaners like Awesome from the Dollar Tree, Mean Green also from Dollar Tree.
Clean all jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings with rubbing alcohol
Earrings- I clean all them over with alcohol or sanitizer, clean the posts with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide then finish the posts with a thin coat of Neosporin.

Home Decor- clean your pieces with Lysol spray or mix the concentrated one with water, PineSol, hand sanitizer, bleach
I even disinfect and clean books! I wipe down the cover with sanitizing wipes.
I spray the front and cover down with Lysol let it set a few minutes, then wipe it down to dry.
Glasses and Cups: I use bleach to soak them and then wash as usual.

These are just some of my favorite cleaning tips.

What are some of your  favorite cleaning tips?
What are your favorite  cleaning products?

Set a Thrifting Budget

Friday, June 5, 2015

Set a Thrifting Budget

If you are an avid thrifter you already know how easily thrifting can get out of hand.  Set yourself a good thrifting budget weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

The purpose of thrifting is to save money. Thrifting can also be addictive, so set yourself a budget to help you track your spending .One great way to set a budget is to only shop with cash , since it's much easier to lose control of your spending when use your credit or debit card. Secondly, you should limit your frequency or number of thrift shopping trips, the less you shop the less you spend.Shop only once or twice a month or shop every other month, instead of every week!
You could even have a savings account  just for your thrift shopping! Have funds direct deposited to a special saving(thrift bank account )!

How do you set and manage your thifting budget? 

Thrifting 101: My Thrifting Philosophy

Monday, June 1, 2015

I thrift mostly because:    

  • Because it's therapeutic
  • It’s my personal escape
  • For the thrill of the find
  • I also thrift to support great CAUSES!

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